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We embrace diversity of people, talents and perspectives.

We believe every individual makes important contributions, but we understand we are more powerful as a team working together.

We depend on each other. We strive to create a collaborative work environment which promotes the cross-functional sharing of ideas, risk-taking and creativity.

We take pride in everything we do. From our people to our products and in our relationships with business partners, quality is our signature.

Career Paths

No two career paths at Octapharma Plasma are the same (you are, after all, unique). When you start your professional life with us, you'll be creating your own career out of the training and resources we make available from your first day on the job.

We encourage all qualified team members to apply for available opportunities in their donor center, their region or the company as they expand their business knowledge, develop their skills and enhance their value to their teams. We have 45 donor centers across the country and, to support advancement from within, internal openings for all donor center positions are listed on our internal job board. Additionally, employees can view internal postings for our Corporate Office and Central Testing Lab through the internal job board. We also encourage team members to take advantage of opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills through cross-training to other departments and by taking on additional responsibilities.

Opportunities That Grow With You

Donor Center - Operations

Donor Center - Quality

Department Descriptions
  • Medical Screening Area: Where donors are checked in and screened to ensure they are eligible to donate. This area includes Medical Screeners, Sr. Medical Screeners and Donor Screening Supervisors.
  • Donor Floor: Where donors are prepped for and complete the plasma donation process. This area includes Donor Floor Technicians, Phlebotomists, Sr. Phlebotomists and Donor Floor Supervisors.
  • Processing Lab: Where the plasma is processed after each donation and prepared for shipment. This area includes Processing Technicians and Sr. Processing Technicians.
  • Quality: Responsible for the overall quality program of the donor center. This area includes Quality Assurance Technician Back-up, Quality Assurance Technician and Quality Assurance Supervisor.

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“I like donating plasma for Octapharma. I have been donating for almost one year. The staff is nice and helpful. I feel that my donation is helping improve the lives of others.”

Sandy J., Las Vegas

“I started donating blood plasma fifteen years ago. My aunt lost several babies due to her blood’s Rh factor. And I decided it was my duty to help other women with this problem through their pregnancy. I get paid for my donations, but I think it’s my duty to do what I can to help other women not lose their unborn babies.”

Lisa W., Salt Lake City

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