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Blood plasma is used to create life-saving medicines, and people decide to donate for many reasons. Some donors have friends or family members that benefit from plasma products. Others enjoy both the extra compensation and the satisfaction of helping patients.

Whatever the reason, donors are making an important commitment to their families and communities. They are heroes, saving lives through the simple process of donating plasma.

Be Somebody’s Hero for Life
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“I like donating plasma for Octapharma. I have been donating for almost one year. The staff is nice and helpful. I feel that my donation is helping improve the lives of others.”

Sandy J., Las Vegas

“I started donating blood plasma fifteen years ago. My aunt lost several babies due to her blood’s Rh factor. And I decided it was my duty to help other women with this problem through their pregnancy. I get paid for my donations, but I think it’s my duty to do what I can to help other women not lose their unborn babies.”

Lisa W., Salt Lake City

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